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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Steps and Tricks on how to Format youre computer to Windows XP

Learning the way to format windows XP used to be a task that was reserved for skilled IT guys/PC technician solely. But nowadays most Cebuano/any computer users can try and repair their computer themselves and even visit the extent of learning the way to format windows xp and then doing it themselves. Attempting and failing within the method is largely understandable as if you may fail to end the method you'll try and format it once more.

You need to format a windows computer to ultra clean your computer. It makes it faster and gets rid of errors and viruses. Or you need to format your computer because you just bought it and basically you can’t use a new computer without and Operating System.

Windows XP disc is bootable and very will everything for you. (Well nearly) this implies that after you insert a Windows XP disc into your computer, it ought to begin automatically. Learning the way to format windows XP doesn't take long.

Important: IF YOU COULD BACK UP ALL YOURE IMPORTANT FILES FROM YOURE COMPUTER. PLEASE DO IT BEFORE FORMATTING YOUR COMPUTER. Formatting will wipe everything off your computer. All files will be gone / deleted.

Steps on the way to Format you’re Computer using Windows XP OS disk.
These steps are nonetheless base on my expertise. However I guarantee these steps are proven and tested for I even have been formatting Computers.

       •    Go into the BIOS settings of your computer, sometimes by pressing the delete key, F10, F1, or F2 key. If you're undecided watch the screen at startup and it'll say “To enter setup press…….”. You’ve got to be fast and press it. If you miss it restart once more. Once you're within the bios you've got to alter the boot choices. You’ve got to create your CD/DVD rom the primary boot possibility. Save and exit (usually I press F10 then yes/enter to save lots of and exit the bios)

      • Then insert your Windows XP CD into your CD/DVD drive.

     •    Restart your computer.

      •When it says press any key in addition from CD/DVD, Press any key on the keyboard. I sometimes pressenter /space bar it depends on you.

        •When the CD starts up a blue screen can seem and you're on your means.


• Press Enter to setup Windows XP currently. See screen shot higher than. Don’t rush through this method as pressing the incorrect key here will take you down the incorrect road. You must take some time when it’s your initial time learning the way to format a computer using windows xp.

• If there's a replica of Windows XP on your computer and you want to overwrite it you may need to press the escape button when prompted. (Screen shot below) don't install Windows XP in another directory unless you recognize what you're doing. Simply overwrite the previous version as you must have insured your files anyway. During this example I’m showing you the way to format a computer that has already had Windows put in on it.

• You should currently build the partition that had windows on it blue and press D to delete the partition. It’ll rise if you're certain. Press L to substantiate.

• Then Press C to make another partition and Windows can estimate a size for you. If you wished to partition your exhausting drive into 2 equal components you'd need to do some math’s and then kind the suitable range in. Otherwise simply going with what Windows puts there'll be the minimum partition size. If you create miscalculation when estimating the dimensions of a partition you'll be able to merely return currently and delete the partition and begin once more. Don’t move forward if you've got created miscalculation.
Press Enter to substantiate size.

• Then it'll raise you which of them partition you would like to put in Windows on. The default is C: drive. Choose this by creating/making it blue and press enter.

If there aren't any partitions it'll produce one for you.

Then it'll raise you to format fast, normal, in fat32 or NTFS. Fat32 suits older computers thus i select a fast format with NTFS. Fast or slow is ok. If you had errors it's higher to use a slow format which may even be called an occasional level format. After you format a computer please note that an occasional level format will take an extended time, looking on what size exhausting drive you've got.

From currently on you simply follow the prompts and let it go..The process of formatting your computer is on its means. Some setup files are taken from the Windows CD onto your computer to complete this method.
The computer can restart and it'll try and boot from cd again…Do not press something on the keyboard. Simply let it undergo the stages of setup. You merely press the ANY KEY at the beginning to induce it in addition to the Windows XP cd.

Make sure you've got your serial variety able to enter in. this will be found on your COA sticker that may be a sticker typically placed on the facet of your computer/ within the CD holder. It’s a twenty five digit code that appears like this RH***-*****-*****-*****.
Do not take away the Windows XP CD till the pc has started up with a replacement desktop and icons.
I will discuss on the next update on how  to install the devices/ a way to grasp if you’re system has detected the devices like audio, video, and Lan/ Network. Ato ni Bay! Happy formatting ..

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