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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Minglanilla Church : Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish

The first structure was established by the Augustinians in 1878. The present church was established two years later, with light materials. Its stone convent was constructed from 1877 to 1886.  Fr. Nicolas Lopez started the construction of the church with harigues and mortar in 1880. The construction was continued by Fr. Miguel del Burgo in 1878 and completed by Fr. Juan Alonso in 1886. The oldest bell was installed in 1863 by Fr. Fernando Magaz and the the remaining was installed 18 years later.

The church is made of Gothic style - the flame-like arches, the painted domes of the bell towers and the spires, and flying buttresses - which blend well with the semi-circular arched openings. The geometric forms and the trefoil arch suggest possible Muslim influence. The church measures 18m long, 13m wide and 15m high. It has an impressive transept.  Its High Renaissance facade has a sharp aisle roof. Arches, semicircular arched main entrance and windows. The bell towers have pinnacles on the corners of the lower roof.

This photos was taken recently and it shows how it was developed and maintained. This is my first post for this year 2012. I'm planning to post more Cebu Church photos and Cebu Photos in this coming year. Happy New Year everyone.

The Immaculate Heart Of Mary Parish Prayer Room. This prayer room was established together with the Church therefore its over a century old. 

CANDLE ROOM could be a place for alittle sacrifice. St. Nikolai holds that in buying for a candle, we have a tendency to sacrifice alittle quantity of cash, and alittle quantity of your time in devotion to a particular saint, the mother of God or God Himself. Therefore, the candle represents the character of Christ's sacrifice. Candles are inert while not human action. At a similar time, the human soul is inert while not grace. For the true Christian, however, the sunshine of grace forces the human can to think about the items of the intellect, of God and also the world of spirits.

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  1. the pictures are very nice and the history of this church helps me very much to my assignment ..!! i'm so proud of our church sana it stays longer .. !! hmmmm!