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Saturday, February 11, 2012

LAZARTE vs CASIMERO: Boxing Turns to Riot

John Reil Casimero The Filipino also a fellow Cebunao knocked out Argentine Luis "Mosquito" Lazarte in the 10th round and won the crown flyweight interim International Boxing Federation moments ago in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

The handling of the fight was even, until the end of the ninth, came Casimero clearly on the chin of the Argentine spilled near the ropes. Then "The Mosquito" fell back product of a combination of his rival, but also because they had recovered from the previous fall. Even the whole minute of rest was insufficient to restore the veteran of almost 41, who just came to the tenth could not stand.

So the task was easy for Casimero, who quickly came to victory when Eddie Claudio completed actions and then received the first shock of the scandal that would ensue then.

Lazarte committed several offenses, including biting his opponent, as usual. However, his punishment was a point in the sixth by sticking in the neck.(This only show how dirty Lazarte have been)

The unquestionable victory could not be formalized because hundreds of fanatics invaded the ring and attacked the visitor, the IBF authorities, journalists and all that is crossed in front.

The violent, marked with flags of the Truck Drivers Union of Argentina, hurt the Filipino boxer. Chairs, bottles and punches flew on the corner of Casimero.

This video shows how the audience reacts after the fight.

This event have really caught me up because of the fact that Casimero is a fellow Cebuano also a Filipino. I really hope that  Casimero and his ringside are all okay despite of what happen. The World Boxing Council should take a necessary action in accordance to what happen to this fight. 


  1. What a shame for Argentinian boxing fans. This is really out of control.

  2. dili lang nila madawat nga talo slia

  3. they should be banned forever Fucking Argentinians! Theyre not fair in the first place.

    What a Shame Fck all ARGENTINIANS!

  4. I agree with the ban part so that they will not do this kind of things again.

  5. For me, this fight was the controversial fights ever. And we must all know that who is the won and who is the loss of them. It must be fair wherever we are behaving a fight like this for any argument been encounter.