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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Easy and Simple Things to Extend your Hard Disk Lifespan

What is an Hard disk?

When you save data or install programs on your pc, the data is usually written to your hard disk. The hard disk is a spindle of magnetic disks, referred to as platters, that record and store data. As a result of the info is stored magnetically, data recorded to the hard disk remains intact when you switch your pc off. This can be a very important distinction between the hard disk and memory that is reset when the computer's power is turned off. 

Some people stored important files on their hard disk thus it is important to maintain hard disk health. Its very frustrating when your hard disk dies together with  your files. This steps are pointers to help your hard disk stay alive longer.

• Maintaining turning off your computer properly through Shutdown command in Windows, using RESET button or POWER-OFF button will increase the likelihood of a HEAD CRASH. The HEAD assembly has got to be relocated to a secure parking position on the platter surface where no user knowledge resides before turning off power to the HDD, and this is often nicely executed through the SHUTDOWN command. Wait until the Hd Led turns off. That HD led is that the smartest thing that may determine if any of your Drives are in operation.

Shut down your computer properly.

• Frequently check the ability connector to the HDD for looseness, as a loose power connector keeps the HDD making an attempt to constantly RESET/INITIALIZE for lack of power to the motor.

• Certify the IDE / SATA cables you're using aren’t faulty. Some persons conclude their hard drives are dead, simply because of a faulty cable.

• Never accept a cheap/poorly regulated GENERIC POWER offer for your computer, as insufficient power would be left to your Hard disk once the processor has been getting its power demand.

• Avoid excessive shock when handling your HDD, esp. don't let it fall from over 2-3 inches high. Otherwise the read/write HEAD would bit the platter surface (HEAD CRASH), and this causes the acquainted KNOCKING SOUND that renders your HDD beyond repair.Your HDD is extremely sensitive to shock/vibration whereas in operation, thus don't move the CPU if potential whereas your computer is ON.

 Tighten your hard drive screws after you attach it in its bay.

• NEVER EVER decide to open the case of your HDD for curiosity reasons on what is within how it's like... this renders your HDD beyond repair, since even a fine cigarrete dirt sandwiched between the platter surface and also the read/write head causes a significant surface scratch when the platter starts to rotate at terribly high RPM.

•Avoid eating or drinking sweets or juice near your computer it might trigger the ants to stay on your computer that could damage your hard disk.

For laptop Hard Disk

•Flip your laptop OFF when not in use. Laptop HDDs are a lot of at risk of HEAD injury out of overheating, thanks to the terribly poor air circulation within any laptop case.

I will be posting more Computer tips and tricks that could help you in troubleshooting your Computer/laptop. Enjoy your stay here.. You may browse through to find more of Cebu Photos
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